Monday, 24 September 2012

Joby Mageean - Patty Cakes and Piss Poor Cooking 2

The first half of this recipe, Condiment Soup, was posted yesterday.

Now Condiment soup will keep you alive but every now again you will want to eat actual food. for a very affordable option I suggest patty cakes.

Patty Cakes

Now first of all you will need to sell some DVDs amounting to the sum of around £3. Then purchase the following ingredients;

2 Eggs,
Porridge oats,
Cheese (I suggest Greek style salad cheese (sainsbury's basic feta)),
One vegetable of your choice (I suggest beetroot)

Mix 2 eggs into a bowl, then slowly add porridge oats whilst still stirring keep adding the oats until the mixture becomes stodgy then add some grated cheese and mix it in. Now dice up the vegetable, as I said you can use pretty much any vegetable but beetroot works really well as it makes the patty cakes pink in the middle and tricks you into thinking you can afford meat. Add the diced vegetables and mix again then shape the mixture into burger shapes (you should be able to make 4) and gently fry on either side on a medium heat.

Eat with a left over condiment and some Peter Bread... Delicious!


Recipe Review by Callum Scott

I decided these recipes were too interesting not to try, so I made 2 patty cakes and a bowl of brown and barbecue sauce soup.

The soup was very easy to make, but if I'm honest, I can see why Joby only suggested eating it when nothing else is financially viable. After tinkering around with condiment to water ratio, it began to taste a little better. I assume Joby has become a master of this sort of thing. My condiment soup will no doubt be inferior.

The patty cakes were a different matter entirely. They're very cheap and easy to make, and they taste good as well. I made 2, one with the recommended beetroot, and one with grated carrot, as I'm not a huge beetroot fan. I'll almost certainly make these again, though I might use a different soup recipe from this site.

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