Thursday, 20 September 2012

Jayne Edwards - Spicy Bean Mexican Tomato Soup

Jayne Edwards is a Manchester comedian who was recently named one of the 50 funniest women to follow on Twitter by Huffington Post UK.


What I have decided to make is a delicious spicy bean Mexican tomato soup. Now that’s a lot of words right there, but it really couldn’t be simpler!

The ingredients aren’t exact measurements, but I honestly couldn’t tell you how much I use. “To taste” is the best way to go.


1 carton of passatta. (or “tin” if you’re a raggo)

Some real tomatoes – Let’s go crazy!

A pot of sweetcorns. (it’s like a tin, but softer?? You get them at Tescos. It’s like if NASA made a tin but didn’t put any effort into it. )

Peppers - Just various peppers


Chilli - However much you want I’m not gunna tell you how to live your life dude.

Garlic - I like a lorra lorra garlic. If you’re thinking “wow that must make you stinky”, my usual smell is “sick bag in a microwave” so it’s an improvement. Sorry, probably shouldn’t talk about this while you’re hungry.

We built this City on Rock and Roll – Need this on LOUD.


Cumin- Hahahaha cum. (but don’t put cum in there unless you have the expressed permission of the person you’re feeding this to.)

Kidney Beans – Not made from real kidneys!!! Huhuhuhuhuh I’m gunna make a great comedian/funny mum one day.

Refried beans – Come on! I said let’s get crazy with this thing!!!

Doritos –To eat while cooking.

A cool hat – Cool hats are cool.



To cook, gather all the ingredients together, chopped up, then imagine I’m bringing my separated
fingers together like an evil genius but my fingers cross over. That’s what you need to do with these ingredients, but in a pot!

Cook till all the enzymes are cooked.

Assimilate into your digestive system.

And that’s about it! Enjoy!


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