Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Joby Mageean - Eggs Bandido


This is a recipe I invented this morning as I had some left over bolognese and I have always enjoyed spicy food, especially for breakfast. so this meal is a Mexican take on the famous New York dish Eggs Benedict. I have named it Eggs Bandido as it is the only Spanish word I know that sounds a bit like Benedict and I am a whore for cheap puns.


Left over bolognese (alternatively you can make from scratch although that is a lot of commitment for breakfast)
Chilli Powder 
2 Large eggs
Brown Bread
Chilli sauce
Tobasco (other inferior hot sauces are available)
Black Pepper
Cheese (whatever your preference is, I used Camembert) 

Firstly mix in some chilli powder to the bolognese you can also add some kidney beans if you're into that, basically you are trying to make a sort of chilli. Now at this point you are probably thinking "why wouldn't you just use leftover chilli?" to which I say "HA! as if YOU would ever leave any chilli you naughty little piggy!"... seriously though you can do that as well if you like. Now take that Chilli and heat it in a way you seem fit, fry or saucepan would probably be best but I see no harm in a microwave.. I feel they have a stigma they have never earned. I mean I haven't done the scientific research, but they're probably fine. So heat up the Chilli and stick on some toast.

Poaching the eggs

So people poach eggs differently.. It's just one of those things that you are just going to have to get over. Like the fact that that girl you like with the funky hair from Manchester says plaster differently than you do, yes it's a tad strange but constantly telling her "that's not how it's pronounced, You speak wrong!" is not likely to change her decision to have sex with you so you might as well just stop it!...  I find Thom Milson's Recipe for Poached eggs pretty spot on, Personally though I just crack 2 eggs in boiling water for a few minutes then take them out. as for vinegar I have a vast selection of vinegar and can tell you that Cider Vinegar works really well, but any is fine, just splash a bit in the water. 

butter your toast and add large spoonfuls of the chilli, grate or slice some cheese on top and then place on the 2 eggs.. a bit of chilli sauce, Tobasco and some salt and pepper for seasoning and you're golden... add some oregano because it always makes food look more like food and serve. 

A lovely Mexican-style breakfast to enjoy!

¡Fresco Fiesta! (my spanish is very poor)

Joby x

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